Lume pad stuck at system loading screen

We’re sorry to hear the forced restart did not work. However, the last option to
restore your current Lume Pad is to perform a factory reset/wipe data, from the
Android Debug menu.

If your Lume Pad is stuck in the "System loading…"screen and booting up as it

  1. Ensure the Lume Pad is charged on the Lume Pads fast charger for at least
    an hour.

  2. Press the Volume Up and the Power Button together until you see Lume Pad

Restart. (This could take around 10 seconds)

  1. While still holding the Volume Up Button, release the Power Button right

after you see the Lume Pad restart. Tip: release the power button before
the Lume Pad splash screen appears.

  1. Keep holding the Volume Up button for several more seconds (around 5+

seconds) while the Lume Pad restarts and goes though the Lume Pad and Leia
Logo splash screens.

  1. Soon the Lume Pad will go into the Android Debug mode, displaying the "no

command" text and the Bugdroid Android Mascot on its back in the center of
the screen with an “!” icon above the image.

  1. Once the Lume Pad is in the Android Debug mode above, press and hold the

Power button while you press/tap the Volume Up button once to proceed into
the Android Recovery Menu. Release the Power Button.

  1. In the Android Recovery Menu, press the Volume Up/Down buttons to scroll

up/down to highlight the selection “Wipe data/factory reset”.

  1. After highlighting “Wipe data/factory reset”, press/tap the Power button to
    select that operation.

  2. On the ensuing are you sure confirmation “Wipe all user data?” screen, use

the volume button to select yes and press the power button to factory reset
the Lume Pad.

  1. The Android Recovery Menu will come back up again after the Wipe

data/factory reset operation is complete.

  1. Use the Volume up and Down buttons to highlight “Reboot system now” and

select the operation by pressing the power button.

  1. After the Lume Pad is factory reset and rebooted, it should come back up