Lume Pad Update deleted all my content!

I received update alert on my Lume, I looked for any new update on this forum, but I didn’t find any recent post about it.
After applying the update my Lume was restored to defaults and all my files deleted. It should had warned me before that.

First, David, we are very sorry to hear about what happened.

I’m sharing a screencap here of the message that comes with the update. While it does warn about backing up before updating, I know this doesn’t help here.

As a valued member of the Leia family, we take what happened very seriously and appreciate your situation.

I’m sharing your experience with the team and we will make certain to take the experience into account moving forward.

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Oh my goodness! Thanks for the warning, sorry you had to go through it. I sure as heck would not have seen that warning message either, it definitely needs to be way more prominent than that.

If that was in the hands of a corporate user and they lost a weekends work or something, thy would force feed me the laptop / tablet (probably via where the sun doesn’t shine)… did you have any back ups?

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In my case there was no any description available, only the version number

May have someone contact you separately for more details as that sounds VERY peculiar. We will get to the bottom of this. Thanks for your understanding and, again, sorry that this happened.

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