Move LeiaPlayer Clip to SDCard

I have (5) short video clips that can immediately be seen by clicking the “LeiaPlayer” app on my LumePad2 screen. For some unexplained reason (to me) these clips only appear at this location. The clips can be selected but no further choices are seen per sending them to the SDCard. Transferring to the SDCard will permit further computer editing. Thank you very much in advance…djm…

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It seems that you’re trying to manipulate them in the “Media” tab. The Media tab is not a folder, it’s the equivalent of a “Recent” section for 3D media files.

If you go to the top left corner, you’ll see three lines that are known as a “Hamburger Menu”. Tap on these.

In the side bar, you’ll see both “Internal Storage” and “MicroSD Card” as two of the options. When manipulating files within these two sections, you will have the ability to move the files back and forth assuming you have sufficient storage and a compatible file system format.

If your MicroSD Card is using an incompatible file system format, you may get an error that says “Insufficient storage available” even if you have sufficient space.

You can also directly access and manipulate the files on both the Lume Pad 2’s internal storage as well as the MicroSD card inside your Lume Pad 2 when connecting the device to a PC or Mac using USB-C. Sometimes, it’s easier to move the files around on your Lume Pad 2 from an attached computer.

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Nima - Thanks for your quick response. Especially valuable is your tip that utilizes my connected computer to solve a particular dilemma. The value of using the computer for many other purposes now seems evident!! Keep your great tips coming - they are appreciated very much!!

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Thanks, it worked.