New to Leia and need Help, Pls

It’s not supported anymore. I think Vegas is the cheapest editor that can do stereo, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Fixing the disparity seems like way too much for the average user. There’s just not enough stuff out there to make this a thing. Even with it fixed, there’s a certain amount of ghosting that happens from the display, as I pointed out earlier with me being able to see people’s faces through their hair while using one eye. I’m assuming that’s because of the contrast?

Anyway, there’s just too much to do and not enough ways to do it (free). Two sliders to adjust would be awesome but it doesn’t seem like that’ll ever happen. Without a reliable tool and a guide on the said tool, I’m not really feeling motivated to try and do anything. If I were to use something that I’d have to pay for, it’d probably be Davinci Resolve Studio (it’s $295). I have no idea what the name of the tool that would fix it even is after looking. But also, I don’t want to buy it even though it’s my top choice; lol.

Movies that were listed as free with my purchase of the Lume Pad 2 seem to have gone missing. There’s only Boss Baby and Despicable Me there, now. I just checked out Despicable Me and it has a good amount of ghosting that can be seem from using one eye. It’s not that bad on the eyes, though (in terms of strain). I’m assuming you can have some amount of disparity or some amount of contrast… but when you have both, it’s a literal headache.

The average user will never have to do this, because the average user of the product doesn’t have any existing 3D content, let alone content that’s both high-disparity and high-contrast.

More advanced users will definitely have content like that, but most of that content is photos, and they usually simply adjust it for use on the display. It’s incredibly rare for someone to have video content from a source that’s both high-disparity and high-contrast.

If you share a link to a sample I could try to see if I can help.

The license from Warner Bros. has recently ended, so they removed their content from LeiaFlix.

Correct. If you want high-disparity content, you need to have low contrast. For example, I turn up the depth a lot when I stream Wind Waker or Mario Kart: Double Dash from my PC on my Lume Pad 2, because they’re both super colorful and low contrast, and thus I can enjoy them with lots of depth. But for a game like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I have to turn the depth waaaay down because it’s a dark game with high contrast scenes.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s highly dependent on content. You can check the content I have on LeiaPix. It’s pretty comfortable with very low ghosting (zero ghosting is basically not possible unless on a VR headset).

Just wanted to share that turning the brightness all the way up on my tablet has gotten rid of most of the ghosting I was having

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regarding auto converting: the problem exists in the maps they use and the code used for on the fly displacement. now that there has been further development in automatic depthmaps. LEIA just needs to catch back up and get that updated.

they are like a year behind in that. but as far as the code they use for the displacement, IDK if they can match what can be done with manual adjusting for a set value and render.

also they say the lumpad’s are not capable of properly displaying HI depth content.

I have tested that and YEP it ghosts badly on a LOT of movies. the only ones that have worked ok are low depth movies like the 1st shrek. all the rest are unwatchable on the device.

for them to be watchable they would need to implement a hardware adjuster for depth. like what nindendo did with the 3ds. but then of course that $1000 device would be rendered useless if they did. well at least for movies. games I think come with a software adjuster. same with the pictures and I think also the 3D models.

The Nintendo 3DS used a software method for adjusting stereo. A parallax barrier only has 2 views (for left and right eye) the physical button was just tied to the game software.

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um…I had one and don’t recall any software adjuster. that slider on the side was the only control besides a stupid ipd auto adjustment that never worked right and got worse in the XL model.

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. The slider was just tied to software, it didn’t change anything about the display aside from turning off the parallax barrier when it was totally on zero.

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