"Newest" category missing in LeiaPix?

The online documentation says that there should be a “Newest” category in LeiaPix Discover. I see 5 categories there but not a “Newest”. I would think “Newest” would be one of the most useful categories. Am I missing something?

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Thanks for the heads up, that was an outdated section that was from a much older version of LeiaPix on older devices.

Now the LeiaPix Home Feed automatically shows the newest content being posted to LeiaPix as you scroll through it, in the past it only showed you content from people you follow which is why “Newest” was a separate section.

In the Home Feed, I’m not seeing anything newer than 2018/2019. But if I search on a hashtag (e.g. #FujiW1), I see posts from 2021 and 2022. So, I don’t get the algorithm.

You’re on a Lume Pad 2, on the most updated version of LeiaPix? And you’re on the feed under the LeiaPix icon?

I’m seeing posts from an hour ago on my Home Feed.

If you’ve already seen a post, the LeiaPix feed won’t show it to you anymore. So if you’ve been using the app every day, you may have already tapped out all the new content. You’ll need to wait for more people to upload content.

Yes, I’m on a Lume Pad 2. It looks like the LeiaPix version is v3021011. I’ve only had my Lume Pad 2 for a few weeks.

If I pull down on the screen, some new content fills in. But it is still pretty old 2018/2019 stuff. I’ve attached a screen shot (I think).

Great, then the algorithm is working as intended. You’ve seen the new content since you’ve joined, so now it’s showing the most popular stuff on the platform with the most likes. Those pics have been on LeiaPix the longest, so they have the most likes.

Is there a way to reset this and start to show the newest again (like clearing the cache or something similar)?

No, it’s account based so the cache is unrelated.

It is always showing you the newest content, just not the ones you already saw. If you like content, I recommend bookmarking it. Also, hashtags are always in chronological order, so you can go to Discover and search through the hashtags too.

I “followed” a couple of people and now the behavior on the home feed is completely different. Content from the followed people is at the top, followed by other very old stuff when you scroll down.

It still seems like a more general “newest” category would be useful.

This is because you haven’t seen the content from those people you followed yet. And because you’ve already seen the newer content.

It’s expected to prioritize content from people you post, so you don’t miss it. It’s the #1 complaint users have about Instagram, so we wanted to ensure we didn’t have the same issue in LeiaPix.

Rest assured, you will see new content as it’s posted, and doubly so if the content gets liked by users.

We used to have this feature, but the problem was that lots of users post poor-quality content, and a lot of duplicate images that are very similar to each other. Sometimes users would also post adult content before we could catch it.

For those reasons, we instead focused on making the LeiaPix Home Feed a better experience.

A chronological feed is not available in any other image sharing platform, and will not come back to LeiaPix.

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Thanks for explaining. It sounds like the “newest” category did have some issues that argue against bringing it back.

The fact that the hashtags are in chronological order is nice and I do see very recent content in those categories.