OPenSceneGraph development on Leia platforms (US, Global)

AlphaPixel is an experienced OpenSceneGraph developer in the US who specializes in AR/VR/XR and plenoptic/lightfield displays. We have written OSG integration code for numerous specialty displays like HoloLens, various VR and AR displays and have done our own in-house development of display prototypes much like the LumePad itself.

We are developing an OpenSceneGraph integration for the Leia platforms now, and would like to work with any others who need such a solution.

Price wise, we nominally charge $150/hr for custom development, but we usually do pricing on a per-project fixed cost basis, as we get things done very efficiently, and we can often share costs among multiple clients needing the same solution.

Feel free to reach out to me at if you have similar interests.