Orange Strobe UnitySDK

Hello everyone,

I am newly developing a quick demo in Unity for the Lume Pad 2. I currently have a quick scene setup to test the depth between boxes. Upon moving the camera around, a weird orange Strobe occurs across the entire display and I am unaware of what could be causing this. I’ve changed logging between real time to baked. I’ve changed texture compressions, but to no avail.

I was curious for any other insights or something I’m over looking.

Thank you!

Hello Kris C,

This is a new one to me. To confirm, does the same discoloration happen when you make a build from our Sample scene, Assets/LeiaLoft/Example/LeiaLogo/LeiaLogo.unity?

Thank you,


Hello Joseph,

Thank you for your reply! I apologies for delay in response. I travel a lot for work, and sometimes it’s hard to have the energy to log on in my hotel or home :).

I exported the example scene, and I am getting the same strobing effect. The only difference is that the colors are different. It also appears that the lines of the strobe increase when I get closer to the front facing cameras. When I move my head away, the amount of lines decrease.

Hello Kris C,

I have asked around and this is a new one we have not seen before.

I would like to confirm two possible culprits: Service Updates and SDK Update

  • Service Update: Please update your FaceTracking and Display ConfigService Services in the Leia App Store. Please let me know your versions after confirming they are updated.

  • SDK Update: If that does not resolve your issue, please try our latest sdk update from our website here: Leia Inc. | Developer Resources

Hopefully one of these resolves the issue. If not, well dig deeper.