Please somebody use this code to make 3D YouTube

What version of the app store are you on? A new version was recently downloaded and updated on my Lume Pad (2.0.498)

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I’m enjoing Leiatube on my Lumepad, and I can see it is an impressive evolution of the apk for youtube first made available here and that I have tested on my Hydrogen. I wonder if the apk of Leiatube could be made available for Hydrogen (of course “as it is”… :slight_smile: )…

Hi @Kano3D - please confirm the version you are on, the correct one is what Stuart stated (v2.0.498). Thanks!

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Yes, the installed version is 2.0.498.
I created a post on the appropiate section with my problem detailed.

@m.farina unfortunately not compatible with H1 chipset…