Please somebody use this code to make 3D YouTube

I found this Kotlin code to make a YouTube player:
It should be easy for a current programmer (if not with this code there are more free samples of youtube apps with kotling/java) to incorporate Leia Android Media SDK so any SBS (2x1) video can be played in 3D/4V using the samples provided here: GitHub - LeiaInc/MediaSdkSamples: Repository containing samples demonstrating the usage of Leia Android Media SDK ( Sample app to play a 2x1 video in 4V using ExoPlayer and QuadView).

I would buy on LeiaLoft for almost any price any 3D YouTube Player App (or even a subscription for more features). 15 years ago I were able to program various programs with Visual Basic .NET, but now I think my brain doesn’t have the right connections.


Hey @Kano3D,
I had a little free time over the holidays and created a simple youtube sbs player app.

Apk drive link

Steps :
Install the apk
Open youtube app and navigate to the sbs video.
Pause the video and click share, Leia Youtube Clone app should be present in the app chooser dialog. Click it.
Wait for a few seconds for the video to load in the app.

This works only for sbs videos.


Awesome! I will test it

Is working almost perfect!
On Hydrogen is impressive, on Lume you have to find a good spot to watch and usually doesn’t look as good as on Hydrogen, even with the same video.

The only con I found is the screen locks because inactivity, and the navigation buttons should be hidden to use all screen (usually videos are 16:9 so navigation buttons makes the video smaller on the 16:9 screen of Hydrogen but not on the 16:10 of Lume)

For the lumepad issue, let me take a look. The later two issues are a easy fix.
Also added player controls. Here you go. Enjoy!
Apk drive link


I don’t see player controls and now the notification bar also appears on screen and with an annoying purple colour.

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The same here. And video restarts every time you rotate the phone. Also, I have found a video shot on H1, where the first part is done with front cameras (so portrait) and it looks like wrong overlap of images, getting fine in the second part where he recorded with rear cameras. Anyway, a very good starting point! Good job