Purchased YouTube videos

When I try watching a video I’ve purchased in YouTube, I’ll use Zombieland 2 as an example, LeiaTube will only play the preview and not the actual movie. I hope you can fix this

Hey @blade1069,

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to resolve this. DRM-protected content can not be played in LeiaTube. This is due to protection put on it by the rights holder and Google.

You can request Google and other content holders to officially support Lume Pad 2 and then their apps can be updated to support the device.

Is there any way to tell if something is protected besides not being able to view it on LP2? I just get the spinning line of death and assumed it is my WiFi that’s the issue.

I don’t know, but it’s usually common sense. If it’s media that’s being paid for like a show or a movie, whether it’s bought or you have a subscription to it, it’s almost always DRM’d.

For example, if you buy a movie on YouTube, it will have DRM. But the free videos on YouTube don’t have DRM.

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