Reasons to Get a 3D Scanner

3D scanning has become much more affordable and accessible compared to just a few years ago when you would have been looking at paying $30k or more for scanners. These days, you could be packing an all-singing and dancing scanner for under $800.

“So what?” you say, “I’ve never needed a 3D scanner before; why would I need one now?”

Because they are fantastic devices with a wealth of uses that will save you time and money at home or work.

So, let’s look at reasons to get a 3D scanner
Saving Time
Whether you’re reverse engineering, prototyping, designing, animating, or doing anything that requires making 3D models, you know it’s a time-consuming process involving lots of manual measurements with tape measures, calipers, and constant checks to verify that your 3D model is accurate.

Imagine the time you could save if you didn’t have to manually measure complex objects. With a 3D scanner, this is a reality. In a matter of minutes, you can capture an object and create a 3D model, a process that would have taken hours or even days with traditional methods.
Saving Money
That’s right. It’s going to save you money, possibly in multiple ways. The obvious way is that time is money; thus, saving you time also saves you money. It might even help you make more money by streamlining your work processes enough to increase your capacity.

Another way it can help save money is that with consistently accurate 3D data, you won’t waste materials in trial-and-error testing to discover if something fits.

3D Printing
With access to a 3D printer, you can make just about anything, but only if you have a 3D model. Sure, you could fire up Blender and create it from scratch, but that isn’t easy, and even if you know what you’re doing, it’s still time-consuming.

With a 3D scanner, the world is your oyster for models. Have a flower pot with a neat design, but it’s too small, then scan it, scale it up in software, and print a new one. Want a copy of a cool statue in town? Give it a scan, and make your own.

It might make things more convenient for those who want to scan real objects into models, but there are free apps out there like Reality Scan where you can get the same results with some patience.