Work Flow for 3D Content

I’m wondering what the workflow is for bringing 3D content and models to the Lumepad. What are you doing and what gets the best results?

I use the following:
3D Studio Max
Matterport 3D Scanning/Point Clouds
Gravity Sketch VR
Tilt bush VR
Masterpiece Studio VR

What I’ve done so far, converted models to STL, OBJ and FBX. I’ve also uploaded models to Sketchfab. By far the best results have been Sketchfab but with the number of apps that I am already paying for, I’d rather use what I have.

STL files come through okay, but there are no textures.

OBJ and FBX come through less than acceptable. The textures don’t come through and has weird shadow and lighting to them that happens to coincide with edges of the polygons. Other results are the app just crashes while loading even when loading smaller models.

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Hi Sean - have you tried Leia Viewer yet? Here is a short video how to use the app.

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