How to put a 3D model on Lume Pad

I just downloaded a 3D model of a historic building from 3D Warehouse. So, what steps do I need to take to upload this to my Lume Pad for viewing? The file ends in .SKP

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Hi @Chiefengineer,

You’ll need to convert from .skp to either .gltf, .obj, .stl, or .fbx to open and view in LeiaViewer.

That is very interesting and good to know. But, how exactly, as it what steps, do I need to take to do that?

Best Option would be to Download that Model directly in the required Formats, If You have a SketchUp Pro Licence, there are Plugins to accomplish this Task. There is also a Converter, be Sure to Check for Viruses though, because I didn’t use it and I don’t Know If it is a legit Product. Or If there is Any Malware involved. SKP file converter for FREE If You can find an old SketchUp Make Version, I think 2017 was the Last offline free Version, You could Check Sketchucation Forums for a Plugin, If I remember correctly there was a Plugin for STL Export. You could also E-Mail the Staff of Trimble and ASK If they could compile a Version of SketchUp Viewer for the Leia Eco System to Look at Your Models, maybe they will agree on that, because the Lume Pad hast already the CES Awards and is hopefully getting the Press Coverage it deserves. This would probably the First Thing I would try, because it would also help getting the LumePad in more Hands of engineers and such.