LeiaViewer OBJ with textures

Hey folks!

First of all great job with that LumePad 2 / nubia Pad 3d! It’s really awesome!

I’d like to view some .obj files in LeiaViewer. The meshes are loading but unfortunately the textures don’t show. I know this issue has been discussed in a separate thread before but I didn’t find a solution there that works for me. I have a very simple low-poly .obj with an .mtl file and a single .png texture all in the same folder. But no matter what I’m doing, it just comes in untextured. The file combination works in other apps such as https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.andresoviedo.dddmodel2
Who can I send my files to for debugging?


By the way, I added conversion of OBJ files to glTF to my workflow and these .gltf files work like a charm in LeiaViewer with textures and everything :grinning:
It’s also cleaner to have only one file instead of a .obj, .mtl, .png triple. But still might be interesting to find out what’s wrong with OBJ.

The texture is also white for me.

Hi, I just got a Lume Pad 2 as well, and no Obj or FBX loads with textures applied. I’ve made sure they are siblings in the same folder and nothing.

How do we load a model with textures applied? Or will be updates be made so you can browse for textures?

It’s also still not working on my side. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, the OBJ support seems to be broken regarding textures I’d say. Not sure about FBX but GlTF and GLB definately work fine in the LeiaViewer! You may want to try converting your models

Happens to me as well. Workaround - upload your model to Sketchfab, and use Leia Viewer to download the model from there. Worked for me.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

For OBJ and FBX, one thing to check is if the textures are in the same directory as the file.

If that does not solve the problem, @AlonBo brings up an interesting solution for using Sketchfab as a solution and @topfermann mentioned converting to glTF which may be a solution.

Both of these great community based solutions solve for a common problem in any model viewer tool: there are many ways to export files and not all Model viewing apps have the same assumptions.

LeiaViewer uses TriLib plugin for our file support. We test as best we can prior to releases but there are many ways to export file formats. In general, we suggest simple as possible.

Unfortunately, these Sketchfab files are still lacking metallic, roughness and normal map support in LeiaViewer. sigh

I have not turned on my Lume Pad for about 6 months and just bought the Lume Pad2. TBH I am a little surprised that this is still an issue. As someone who works with 3D data and textures, I find the Sketchfab solution to not be practical for actually working with my data. I am going to try again with the obj file and textures in the same folder.