LeiaViewer OBJ with textures

Hey folks!

First of all great job with that LumePad 2 / nubia Pad 3d! It’s really awesome!

I’d like to view some .obj files in LeiaViewer. The meshes are loading but unfortunately the textures don’t show. I know this issue has been discussed in a separate thread before but I didn’t find a solution there that works for me. I have a very simple low-poly .obj with an .mtl file and a single .png texture all in the same folder. But no matter what I’m doing, it just comes in untextured. The file combination works in other apps such as https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.andresoviedo.dddmodel2
Who can I send my files to for debugging?

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By the way, I added conversion of OBJ files to glTF to my workflow and these .gltf files work like a charm in LeiaViewer with textures and everything :grinning:
It’s also cleaner to have only one file instead of a .obj, .mtl, .png triple. But still might be interesting to find out what’s wrong with OBJ.

The texture is also white for me.