Reloading 3D originals from Google Photos

I’ve backed up my originals to Google Photos, and now would like to view them in 3D. How do I get them back into Leia player?

If the files aren’t local (if they’re in the cloud) they must be dowloaded locally to view them in 3D.

If the files ARE local, then you can simply navigate to them on your Lume Pad’s file system using the File Browser in the navigation bar on the left hand side of LeiaPlayer.

Right. So the question is, how do I find the files that Google Photos downloads locally?

Google Photos has an option “Download” for each photo. I did that with a few photos but then trying to locate them via Leia Player “Internal” browser was not showing them. Any pointers?

@braver This should hopefully answer your question: How to download photos from Google Photos - Android Authority

Thanks for the generic link. I’d like to understand where exactly do the photos end up. When I click Download, as I specified earlier, I simply see the report that they are downloaded. I do not get any dialogue to select a folder for that. The Diwnloads folder in the player does not show any photos.

Hey @braver, we don’t make Google Photos. If you have issues using Google Photos, please reach out to Google. If you’d like more help from our team, please reach out to and maybe they’ll be able to help you. Personally, I don’t use Google Photos, so I can’t help you beyond what I’m seeing online.

Right. It would be useful to have an easy two way integration of Leia Player and Google Photos. The upload in the original quality ensures the backup, However viewing in 3D for those files that have no local copies are not obvious. Eg whatever location Google Photos is using to Download photos would be great to have in Leia Player selection of folders. Integrations are important :slight_smile:

OK, I think I found it! If you go to Internal/DCIM, they are in Restored folder next to the Camera. This is where each downloaded image from Google Photos goes.

I wonder if the folder list in the Player can be customized, to add Restored to it?

We’re definitely looking to add sidebar customization to the Navigation Menu in LeiaPlayer so users will be able to pin Folders of their choice there in a future version.

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