Saving Environment Adjustments

All the models I bring down to Leiaviewer from Sketchfab are consistently lit too brightly. I can modify this in the Environment Adjustments for the model to something acceptable, but I can’t find anyway to save my adjustments. So, the next time I open the model I need to adjust it again.

Am I missing the way to save the adjustments? If this feature doesn’t exist please consider this as a request for such a feature.

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Totally agree.
Also with the recent update the default light direction is less natural than before. Now it’s plain front facing like it’s coming from the direction of the display plane. Before it was more like kind of sun lighting coming left or right angled from above the model.

Yes, saving the light adjustments per model inkl. settings for background etc. would be very much appreciated and would make demoing models to clients much more convenient and attractive.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We have investigated the issue and found a solution. We will now work with our quality assurance team on an update and will ping you as soon as it ready.

Happy creating!

Thanks, very much appreciated!

Not sure if you also noticed the feedback regarding 3d not showing and UI not hideable when loading other models than pre-installed demo files.

Would be nice if the next update addresses these issues as well.