Editing Materials for Leia Viewer / Display Vertex Colors

Hi Leia team!
Thanks so much again for all the community support!

I’m creating a workflow to bring TiltBrush / OpenBrush models into LeiaViewer. My 3D models have all the color information as vertex colors. Usually, I have to adjust the Materials in 3D ecosystems to display the vertex colors. Attached is a photo of my albino “Scream” beauty! LOL

I’m curious if y’all have any suggestions / input?
The same results for FBX, GLB, GLTF – the Viewer needs to know a way to display the vertex colors for the meshes (brush strokes).

As an alternative workflow, I can try bringing the model into Unity + OpenBrush SDK so the materials all appear correctly, and then:
(1) try to export it as another FBX there, in hopes the vertex colors will display on the Materials w that export, OR
(2) upload to Sketchfab for cloud syncing, OR
(3) publish a Unity build that can be viewed by Lume Pad 2? Somehow? Not sure if this is possible? (If so, please send me documentation :smiley: )

Please let me know your genius thoughts! Thank you so so much!!!


Hi @estellatse

This is super exciting. I know some of my team members can chime in about optimizing for vertex colors. In the meantime, the sketchfab option or Unity build could both work. The Unity scene will give you a lot more to work with It’s really awesome to see how the head tracking can be a huge part of the experience.

Here is the Unity documentation! I know a few other folks here have also started Unity projects. Unity SDK Guide - Developer Docs


@Nima perhaps knows about this particular topic. :sunglasses:

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Thank you, @Marlon ! I’ll try out the Sketchfab and/or Unity workflow right now and see how it goes :)) Thank you also for the Unity documentation!

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Unfortunately I don’t know anything specifically about this, all the models I use from Scaniverse and SketchFab work no problem.

I do know we have an update for LeiaViewer that should increase compatibility though!


Thanks, @Nima!
Hmmmm okay, heads up that I was able to:

  • upload my OpenBrush model to Sketchfab (direct, built-in upload integration)
  • view my model properly in Sketchfab with vertex colors on, turned off lighting as well
  • download it from Sketchfab to LeiaViewer

However, it displays same as before, with vertex colors disabled.

Here are the settings I have in Sketchfab:

In case you want to test viewing it, here’s the Sketchfab link: Munch The Scream (Tilt Brush) - Download Free 3D model by estellatse [f0e0b3f] - Sketchfab

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