Seeing 3-D with Lazy eye (amblyopia)

Cannot find any information regarding this -

Can a person with Lazy eye (amblyopia) see 3-D effects?

@smartden It’s very dependent on the person, and the severity of their amblyopia.

However, there are multiple different “3D cues.” Stereoscopy, parallax, occlusion, and accommodation.

Even people with amblyopia should be able to see parallax, occlusion, and accommodation with no issue. However, stereoscopy will be the main problem. That said, Leia products have parallax which you can see, which many other 3D products don’t have. You can see it by either moving your head or tilting the product.

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Thanks for this information. Greatly appreciated.

For a in-depth but very readable book on strabismus (also confusingly called ‘lazy eye’) and how the author re-trained her vision to see 3D in adulthood, I’d strongly recommend ‘Fixing my Gaze’ by Susan R. Barry.


Thanks! I will check that book.

I even heard of Vision Therapy to fix this.

I can see in 3-D in real life, but not movies. I always wondered why.