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I have to report a serious problem, when viewing SBS-videos: At first, LeiaPlayer will ‘change’ the stereoscopic window (change of the displacement between left and right image) and shifts the whole scenery in front of the display. This cannot be switched off and is very annoying. But much worse is the fact, that this shift is changed dynamically and depending on the image content. With some videos, this leads to a terrible jitter in some videos, so that the viewing is no fun anymore. It could be so easy: PLEASE SWITCH OFF ANY PLAYER MANIPULATION OF THE STEREOSCOPIC WINDOW. THANKS.
Best regards, Gerhard


I haven’t noticed this with video, but I have seen it with images and it’s distracting. I think they said they were fixing it.

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The jitter happens with videos, when the camera moves, e.g. from drones.
When the camera is fixed, there is no jitter.
The stereo window shift always happens, I use usually near point framing.

As mentioned, this is a bug which we will be fixing.

We’ve done extensive tests, and there are many situations where our Auto-Reconvergence makes content look much better. When done correctly (no bugs) people loved it. It was default on older Leia products.

But to assuage your concerns:

  1. It will not be enabled for SBS content by default, meaning if the user has taken a poorly aligned and converged photo or video, it will simply look bad. But if it’s done well/correctly, it will look great and won’t be modified.

  2. We will be releasing options to turn it on for content where it’s off by default and turn it off for content where it’s on by default.

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Hello Nima,
that is fine to hear, that you will fix it. Bravo!
With Version 4.1.39369, it is not fixed and I see no update available so far.

My videos are all aligned with the software COSIMA ( using “near-point framing”, so the scenery starts directly behind the stereo window and the maximum far-point disparity is 1/30 of the image width. This matches also the recommendations of the German Society of Stereoscopy. I would expect, that the LeiaPlayer should not change anything for those videos - or is there a technical point, that you “must” pull the image in front of the display?

We will not adjust convergence for any SBS videos by default.

No, the display can handle almost anything you throw at it, as long as it’s not high contrast AND high disparity.

The choice to use Auto-Convergence is based on data we have on how the overwhelming majority of users use the application. Because most people using LeiaPlayer are watching professionally converged and edited Hollywood movies when playing an SBS video, we do not do any Auto-Convergence when that type of video is being played. Or at least, we aren’t supposed to be, which is why I mentioned it’s a known bug.

The Leia Team is focused on the AWE conference and it’s related announcements for next week, and then simultaneously the software for the Nubia Pad 3D launch in China. The following week we’re hoping to try to get out multiple updates for apps we’ve been working on since launch, including LeiaPlayer. Hopefully there aren’t any unforeseen delays.

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Hello Nima,
thanks for your clear answer.
On the one hand, this is good (you will not adjust convergence), but on the other hand,
we have no explanation for the effect, what I see with my device. By the way, what do you mean with “… by default”? Is there a situation, when you nonetheless do adjust the convergence?

So, as a resumee, I really don’t know, whether it is a “feature”, a “bug” or a “hardware failure”:

With “every” side-by-side images and “every” side-by-side videos I percept the near point about 2cm in front of the display surface. This pop-up effect is in no case part of the image content. What I expect from the device is a peception of the near point “at” or “just behind” the display surface. All content has 3840x1920 pixels, the videos are all mp4 format with about 20000 MBit/s.

Only one of my videos (so far) with a flying camera (looking in flight direction) “additional” shows a jitter of the convergence point. The main jitter frequency I estimate to 0.2 Hz, the jitter amplitude about 2mm. I don’t move my head or my eyes at this test! Because I see this effect (the jitter) only at this video, I assumed, that it is dependent on the image content. Now I learnt from your answer, that this could not be the case. But what else could be the reason? To be honest, it is so disturbing, that I cannot show this video to anyone else - and of course, before you ask, the jitter is not part of the video. Do you have any explanation for that? Is this a hardware failure or software related?
Best regards, Gerhard

Correction: not “0.2Hz” but about “5Hz” jitter frequency (time constant about 200ms).
Sorry for my mistake, Gerhard

As mentioned, it’s a bug. You’re experiencing a broken version of Auto-Convergence when you should be experiencing no Auto-Convergence at all.

Yes, if the user chooses to turn it on manually.

OK, I think I understand now: I expect “no convergence” but due to a software bug it is switched on.

Yes, if the user chooses to turn it on manually.

I see no option to switch auto-convergence on or off manually (and I have searched for it). So: Please, what do I have to do to switch it off?
Thanks for any advice, Gerhard

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We don’t currently have a system for this. We are going to come up with a better one in the future, as mentioned above.

In the past, we used the filename tags “_reconv” and “_noreconv” to force Auto-Reconvergence or force disable Auto-Reconvergence, but that doesn’t seem to work properly on Lume Pad 2.

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OK, then I will wait. Thanks for your patience.
Regards, Gerhard

This seems to be affecting vr180 videos as well. Looking forward to the fix!

I’looking from time to time for LeiaPlayer updates. My current version is 4.1.39369. Is this the current version or can I download somewhere an
updated version without Auto-Convergence when playing videos?
Kind regards, Gerhard

We’re still working on a LeiaPlayer update.

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