Show our Output on the lume Pad

Hey @all!

I am working in a Company and we developed a Camera Lens which can record depth information. (Not Lytro)

In what Kind of Format do we have to bring Output? That it can be shown on the Lume Pad?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Laura !

There are two primary formats you can use for streaming Lightfield video:

SBS 3D: Legacy 3D format in a 2x1 configuration. Our SDK will convert from 2x1 to Lightfield in realtime.

Quad Lightfield: A 2x2 quilt format that we’ll display without modification on the Lume Pad display.

Hey @Nima,
thank you very much for your reply. Is there any possibility to give us your file specifications or even the code?
I’m asking because I work for a light field company. We developed a camera lens which is able to generate depth information. We’re looking for a solution to show our Output in a 3D surrounding.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Laura ,

You should be able to find all the information you need in our developer documentation. You may wish to use the Leia Media SDK: Overview - Developer Docs