Streaming via USB

I am basically trying to stream _2x1 or _2x2 content from my computer to my Lumen Pad via USB.
As i am completely new to android app development so i am not really sure how to tacle this problem, does anyone have any hints on how to start off?
Thanks in advance for any hints!

Do you mean to use it as 3D display for your PC?

yes basically, but with usb instead of wifi

This is currently not possible AFAIK for the pad. Perhaps @Nima can shed some light as to why.

Edit: here is the post with said information.

There’s not really a reason what’s being asked for is not possible. Someone just has to write an app that streams SBS or Quad Lightfield content from a PC and use an app on the Lume Pad with the Leia Android Native SDK to decode it.


I am just exploring the possibilities to stream despite the conventional way via WIFI and was wondering if it is also possible to connect to the computer via USB tethering and stream the data on this connection?
As i can see in the settings tethering is only available via Bluetooth but I still wanted to ask whether it can be done this way?

Now, after many requests, Moonlight3D is out and is able to support 3D streaming from a PC!