Unlocking the Lume Pad 2 bootloader

So, I decided to unlock the bootloader. Of course, I opened the Developer options and flipped the OEM unlock switch. That is merely a first step and it is necessary to unlock the bootloader. The second step usually involves using Fastboot while the device is in bootloader mode. I use ADB to put the device into bootloader mode simply because it is easier and I do not know the combination of hard key presses to do it on the device itself!

This really should have taken no more than 30 seconds. But, no Fastboot commands are working. It is as if the device is rejecting the use of Fastboot, from the messages I get back.

I am sure there is a “trick” unique to the Lume Pad2 and I just do not want to keep guessing! The device’s bootloader is clearly designed to be unlocked or else the switch to do so would not appeared in the Developer options.

It’s been fun taking various stabs at this but please send me whatever information I need so I can proceed.