Video playback spinning circle

There is a spinning white circle in the middle of the screen when I play back a video in Leia Player. This is happening in both 2D and 3D mode. These are MP4 videos that I downloaded from either dropbox or Google Photos. That circle stays there the whole time it is playing.

Also, to get them started playing I need to nudge the player slider on the bottom for it to “kick in”. If I don’t, it just sits there spinning.

Do the videos play normally in other video player applications?

Are you opening them from another app or from the file system from within LeiaPlayer?

The videos play fine when I launch them from “Files by Google”.

They also don’t have a thumbnail image when looking at them in their folder in Leia Player. It’s just black with the file name below.

Could you send us a sample of one of the problem files? It’s difficult for us to assess the issue without the file.

I figured this out. they were not good conversions form MOV to MP4

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