Where is the alternation of left and right? Why no support for top and bottom images and videos? Why no depth map support?

Hi there, Isn’t there a way to swap left and right views in Laia Player??..as well as a way to play top down pics and videos…?? Where is this function … am I too blind is it hidden somewhere …?? Almost all 3D and VR players have this absolutely necessary function… A lot of side by side pictures on the internet are for cross eye gacker…so left and right reversed… So please…where is this function…if it doesn’t exist yet, please install it as soon as possible…!! As well as support for top and bottom and depth maps from Loooking Glass


Hey @Thomas-3D,

There used to be support for both Top-Bottom and Cross-eye content in LeiaPlayer for a couple of years, but when we looked at our analytics, less than 5 people total ever used either of them. So when we rewrote LeiaPlayer for the 3.0 release, we decided to focus on the features that people use most and were asking for most first before moving on to the ones that weren’t being used as much.

Top-Bottom support will most likely return with the VR Player function releasing in a future version, and depth maps are on the roadmap as well. Cross-eye photos can easily be converted to SBS on Lume Pad using 3DSteroid on Google Play.



Thank you for your reply Nima,

I didn’t know 3Dstereoid, only StereoPhoto Maker. Still, it would be nice if the Leia player had a left-right toggle function…it can’t be that hard to implement.

I also often don’t have the time to save everything again. Otherwise, as a 3D fan, I am very happy that this tablet exists…!!..

Thank you for that and the great 3D conversion function of LaiaTube…!!

3D greetings :sunglasses: :+1:

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The problem is, if somebody push the invert button by mistake, they will think the 3D is weird. Also, the 3D images are always encoded in left eye to left side and right to right. We can’t assume all people will understand how 3D works.

The only 3D images encoded inverted are the intended for watch crossing-eyes. I think that type of images should be away from regular ones, and make proper conversion with the tools Nima said, to be able to watch that images in 3D screens. Most 3D screens and 3DTVs doesn’t have neither a button to invert.

PD: If we treat cross-eyed images as other type of images not for 3D screens (like anaglyph, you can’t watch anaglyph images in real color on a 3D screen), we avoid that newcomers to the 3D world get confused because for a reason they don’t know that “3D” image looks weird and harmful to the eyes.


Ok…that’s an argument…I’ve had the same experience as a longtime 3D fan…as soon as something isn’t right, newcomers are out immediately…unfortunately…same with VR…


Please, could you include the function of top/bottom view and swapping sides?
I have a big collection of movies in top/bottom format and I was planned to watch them in the Lume pad.

Also, is there a function to use stereo format instead of 4V? It was there before, but it’s gone now. 4V is not working fine with stereo movies, giving sometimes strange objects deformation.

Hey @Denkmusic, which app do you mean? ST view is still available in LeiaPlayer for all stereo-native files (e.g. SBS format video).