Will SBS 3D video in Pal 25fps play on Lume Pad 2

Will SBS 3D videos in Pal 25fps play on Lume Pad 2

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Yes, it will play.

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Thank You for your quick response, Another question as you don’t send to Australia I understand that I can buy the Lume Pad 2 through ZTE Inc. But ZTE don’t call it Lume Pad 2 they call it Nubia Pad 3D is this the same as Lume Pad 2.
Thank You Don.

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It’s the same device essentially, yeah.

The only difference is the logo on the back of the chassis, the box, and who you buy it through (which affects who warranty and service goes through). In addition, ZTE just announced there will be a larger 12GB RAM / 256GB Storage SKU option for Nubia Pad 3D that the Lume Pad 2 doesn’t have.


Does the Nubia Pad 3D come with the cover that also makes a stand or is that an extra.
Thank You Don

@Don Both ZTE and Leia sell different covers/cases, though both are compatible with both devices.

I don’t know anything about ZTE’s case, but the Leia Lume Cover attaches magnetically and can be used with the Lume Stand.

The ZTE cover seems to work the same way.