3D Convert SBS are flat

Second time trying to covert and the SbS is mono… ?

You’re saving the file from the Converter and it’s mono? Or the preview is mono?

I didn’t save the file since the preview is mono… I assumed that was
an accurate preview.
Should I download the file and report?

Looks like it is a stereo pair that I exported, thanks. Of course, it would be nice to see an actual preview (since this image did have some anomalies that will cost me credits in the future!) THANKS

Doing a true stereo preview would require us to do the same work needed as rendering a stereo, so we don’t want to do it until a user commits to wanting it, which is when they download. Otherwise it would cost us the cloud rendering resources to generate it even if the user chooses not to download it.

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That makes total sense… I just wonder if there could be some
disclaimer caption saying something like “Preview does not show stereo
rendering” ?
Both times I tried and saw this flat preview I thought it was not
rendering correctly, even though it had already rendered a depth map.

Thanks, as always, for your quick response Nima!