3D TV now

Today my 3D TV Sony Bravia stopped working. After googling a bit I was disappointed in discovering that apparently there is no 3D tv currently, unless trying to buy quite old models (2015 or so) at crazy price, likely not supporting the upcoming new digital standard. Of course I will see if it is worth of repair, but still I think I’m overlooking some product; for example in Europe, unless you know about the existence of Lumepad, not even google would provide you Lumepad as possibility, and googling 3D TV usually either you get a list of no longer available tv or tv with “3D” audio… Any suggestion?

Hey @m.farina,

I personally think Lume Pad is the future of 3D :wink: but when I need a really big screen, I use my 3D projector. Luckily, they still make and sell new 3D projectors that work great!

The one I’ve been eyeing to upgrade to is the BenQ TK850i which has 4K HDR 120hz and 3D support. But there are many projectors with 3D support that may suit your needs.

In addition, various VR headsets can be used too. You can view 3D photos and videos on pretty much every VR headset, plus all the games are 3D natively. On PSVR on PS4 and PS4 Pro, you can even watch 3D Blu-Rays.

Hopefully that helps!



Thank you Nima. I agree for lumepad :slight_smile: . I have Oculus, but a big screen to share is what needed for family use. Projector could be a good alternative.


I’m working hard to try bringing back 3DTVs again to the market. But is very, very, very difficult. For some reason, manufactures doesn’t want…


I have tried to buy a 3D LG 4k HDR, kind of open box device over the internet and paid, but I should have read reviews about the seller before with more attention… According to several reviews, probably I’m wasting my time and maybe…money :slight_smile: (unfortunately I have paid immediately thinking it was a single available device…) But let’s see: it would be the first time I make an unwise purchase since usually I spend hours before buying to study seller reputation, and this time I didn’t…

Good luck with the seller, I also bought a second hand LG 3D4K HDR last year. Is great.

Thank you David. I’m really worried about the seller since the more I read good reviews the more they look fake… The only possibly true and positive reviews speak about loooooong delivery time :slight_smile: . Let’s see. Meanwhile I have found a second hand mainboard for my broken Bravia on eBay and I have fixed it :slight_smile:

When I need a really big screen I move my loom pad closer to my eyes LOL, still using a Samsung 50-inch 3D TV but it’s starting to look bad

I can’t wait till glasses free tvs become the new standard.

update, just for your curiosity: to date still no tv… possibilities that it was a scam are now very high. Seller invents new motivations at every e-mail (at least he still hasn’t disappeared). I have pre-alerted my lawyer :slight_smile: