IQH3D Launches 7.9″ 3D Holographic Frame Wizard

Just stumbled upon this new product launching:
IQH3D Launches 7.9″ 3D Holographic Frame Wizard

… seems to be like the Looking Glass Portrait.

Does anyone have an opinion or info about the quality of 3D display on this?


I think you are right, and it looks to me similar to Looking glass.
I can give only some opinion about looking glass that I have (so if they are similar, same would likely apply here). 3D quality in LKG is really very good since there are so many views that basically it is really like an hologram, without needing a true sweet spot to see the effect: it can be impressive even for “3D skeptical” people (I know many :slight_smile: always complaining some visual distress with 3D). But when shooting videos to be used to generate these views, I have understood that the price is to have always a well focused subject over a blurred background (of course you can have a better background but you pay with a less impressive 3D). Overall, if it comes to see a nice picture, I prefer lumepad (and I liked the now dismissed 4V) where you have a good tradeoff between passion for photo traditional and 3D (all pictures I like in 3D on lumepad are also great 2D pictures). But to me the most relevant selling point of lumepad against this kind of frames is that… frames are just frames. I can see pictures, or use it as computer 3D monitor and a few applications more, but that’s all (of course this is only MY opinion! I might be overlooking something :slight_smile: ); with lumpepad (I still only have lumepad original version) I have a powerful/nice tablet that all family uses for tons of applications, and many of them also involve 3D.


Hi thanks for your review, good you can do a comparison between device’s.
As you have them.
Yes the original Lumepad is great

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Thanks so much Marco for your fantastic reply! Yes, l would agree with all your points! I too absolutely love the Lume pad original and the Nubia Pad and cannot ever imagine parting with these two amazing devices with all the amazing features they have.

Thankyou also for detailing your experience/opinion with these type of frames … in terms of the quality and how the 3D is presented. It is very interesting !!!

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