A sticky subject

My Lume Pad arrived today. The packaging, unboxing experience, quality of hardware, is all up to Apple standards! The might sound confusing, but it’s meant as a compliment. Apple devices come in package that has signage on the packaging to make unwrapping things very easy, boxes unfold nicely. They think about packaging nearly as much as the hardware or software itself. So, Lume Pad being comparable is a great thing.

I do have one lingering question though. On the back, nearer the bottom (in landscape), there is an FC CE label. In many cases when I am holding the tablet, the label annoys my fingers. Would it be safe to tear the label off, or will it leave an ugly mess behind?

It is esthetically nice that the label is half way between the logo and the Lume Pad text, and half way across landscape, but if it’s only a legal requirement, being just underneath the camera lenses would have been better.


Hi Colin, my Lume Pad survived the removal of all stickers without any visible traces. Don’t use a knife though… :wink:

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Thanks for the encouragement. It did indeed peel off easily.

It makes me laugh when I buy a non-stick baking sheet, removing the product label can be very difficult!


They go to great lengths to make sure the label won’t fly off before you buy the product using some super-hyper-glue, effectively taking their non-stick claim ad absurdum :smiley:

My preferred technique, it to use strong adhesive tape.
After folding the tape at one end, you place the tape over the offending adhesive label, being sure to cover the entirety of said label, making sure it’s all in direct contact.
Then, later on, you just peal it off, (using the folded part,) bringing the label with it.
If anything gets left behind, you can just repeat the process with more adhesive tape.

(Not that I removed any labels from the Lume Pad, it’s just something I find works for me, generally.).

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