About building the UNITY SDK

Even if I build the UNITY SDK sample scene and launch it on the device, only the skybox and UI are displayed, but no objects are displayed.

nubia pad 3d
unity 2022.3.7f1

Hello Daisuke,

To confirm, have you tried our recommended settings window? In Window > LeiaLoft > Recommended Unity Settings. It may be a project setting is not compatible with our SDK and this window would help make them compliant.

Thank you,


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The settings are like this.
If you place the object in the sample scene of Unity itself and build it, it will be displayed properly.
When leia camera is activated, screen objects and sample scenes will not be displayed.

Even when I try to match the SDK settings, it doesn’t display properly. Are there any other factors that could be the cause?

thank you!

I am glad your issue was resolved! What fixed it for you?

Unity’s recommended settings were set to ignore. After correcting this part, it is now displayed.