Android 12L/13

I was a little surprised to find the LP2 shipping with Android 12 instead of 12L like it says at

Is there a general idea of when we could expect to receive the update to 12L or 13?

Hey @Daniel, the Lume Pad 2 does ship with Android 12L. The 12L updates are rolled into an update for Android 12, thus within the OS it just says “Android 12” even though it includes all updates from 12L. This is the standard policy from Google for how to display the Android version.


So how do I enable the taskbar? I don’t see an option for it anywhere in settings.

Some features of Android have been disabled or modified because they don’t play well with our 3D rendering, which includes the taskbar and limited multi-tasking. For example, you’ll notice that multi-tasking works correctly for 2D applications but is disabled when you attempt it with a 3D application.

These features may be re-enabled in a future update if we’re able to ensure they work properly alongside 3D apps or close gracefully when a 3D app is launched.