Any tool for simple video editing?

Hello, I’m looking for a simple way/tool for cutting and merging 3D videos taken by Lume Pad.

Hey @pyngu! You can use almost any video editing tool that supports either SBS 3D content explicitly, or simply allows for non-standard video source and output render ratios.

I’ve had great luck using Sony/Magix Vegas as well as Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. iMovie doesn’t support custom outputs so that unfortunately doesn’t work. I have heard many people have great luck with Black Magic’s Da Vinci Resolve, but I haven’t used it myself.


I use Cyberlink Powerdirector which automatically accepts H4V video files. (I do have to manually tag them as SBS.) If your software doesn’t recognize them, just change the file extension to MP4.

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Thanks, but I forgot to mention, that I rather look for some Android app, direct for my Lume Pad. I’ve tried PowerDirector app, but I can’t reach the right display ratio in result. I have some better outputs with FilmoraGo.

Thanks for sharing all of your solutions ya’ll! Im going to do some 3D video editing myself this weekend of footage I shot in Munich a few weeks ago. Will check out FilmoraGo @pyngu! Previously I used Adobe Premiere for editing footage shot on two cameras with a dongle.