Auto Update Turn off?

Dear friends? Where can I find a turn off button for all apps in LeiaLoft store?

Hey @seitabros,

Edit: Sorry my information was incorrect so I’m updating this post.

Some apps (primarily system apps) from Leia are set to be able to auto-update on Lume Pad.

These include:

  • LeiaCam
  • LeiaPix
  • LeiaPlayer
  • LeiaStream
  • LeiaViewer

If you’d like to prevent your apps from auto-updating, please sign out of LeiaLoft. In addition, apps are often updated automatically with OS upgrades, so don’t do an OTA update if you’d like to keep apps at their current version.

Older app versions are only supported at minimum 3 months and at maximum 1 year, with most being supported at least 6 months whenever possible.

Because so many of our apps need to be in lock-step with each other (e.g. LeiaStream can use LeiaCam to set a Profile Picture, pictures saved and edited in LeiaPlayer can be uploaded directly to LeiaPix) we update system apps automatically as needed to ensure users always have the newest features, the best expereience, the least bugs, and a seamless and quality experience.