New version of Leiaplayer Nubia/Lumepad2

I have the Nubia tab 3D just had a system update.
A new vertion of Leiaplayer is available, I got the update tab and tap it, after a time I got the open tab.
If I leave Leiaplayer and go back to Leia Appstore and library it shows an update is available for Leiaplayer.
The store keeps showing a tab to update Leiaplayer and I cannot see any changes in the leiaplayer.
Any one else getting this problem

Yes, i have the same issue. LeiaPlayer says there is an update. When I click on it, nothing appears to happen. If i click on Update again, it tells me the update is already being downloaded. After a few minutes, the Update button changea to Open.

Close and restart the LeiaAppStore and LeiaPlayer still indicates that an update is available. There doesn’t seem to be an “About” option in the LeiaPlayer app to see what veraion you are running, so I have no way of knowing if it did actually install the update.

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We talked about that on another post. You have to erase cache & data from the Leia Appstore.

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Yes go to settings then apps find Leia Appstore clear cache and storage.
Then try the update again.