Blender SDK

Hi all! First of all, thanks so much for all the hard work put into the Leia Tools. Really psyched for my LumePad to arrive to experience and experiment with a larger lightfield display.

I’ve been tinkering with the Blender SDK this evening and last and have come across an issue during exporting single frames in which one of the composites will be fully black. I’ve tried exporting different angles/scenes and so far only one attempt was successful in generating all the views, while all the others had at least one random view missing. Here’s a folder with the recent tests:

It’s possible it’s user error, but any guidance in solving would be appreciated!


I should mention I’ve dug into the Composition Nodes and nothing seems amiss there, as not all that much has changed from the tutorial .blend.

PS. In this section of the Quickstart Guide:

NOTE: There are many resources (such as the Blender foundation pages and youtube channel) online which cover content creation within Blender.

It might be best to underline “Blender Foundation pages” and “YouTube channel” so folks realize they’re hyperlinks. Currently they seem to only underline on hover, which I discovered by accident!

Is there a live preview just like in unity? Or not yet?

Hi Jim,
Currently we are finishing up our work on a live preview for Maya. However, Blender live preview is on it’s way!


Would the live preview include shaders? Would it be the same as the camera view but in stereo 3d?

I don’t know of any special shaders that would be included, but the maya plugin supports all 4 cameras similar to the Unity sdk so the Blender one will too.

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