Bouquet effect in 2D pictures

Yesterday I have noticed that if I add, e.g., some bouquet effect in the Leia format (4V) from Leiaplayer to
stereo image, when I see it in 2D or I share it, it is not there. I’m not sure if I remember well, I had the impression that in the past, the editing done in the 4V image was appearing in the 2D one. I’m speaking about H1, I still haven’t tried in the Lumepad

Hi @m.farina,

Bokeh effects are only visible in Lightfield view mode. They’re not visible in 2D or when viewing content as a Lightfield Animation (MP4, GIF, LeiaPix Share Link).

Thank you. But in the past these were visible in 2D? Or I’m wrong?

Bokeh effects have never been visible in 2D.

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