Camera video recording stutters - 2D and 3D

I’ve been experimenting with recording 3D video and I’ve found that it stutters. Even during even a slow pan there’s a slight stutter. It’s almost like it can’t keep up with recording the video. Is it a buffering issue? Not sure. I’ve had instances were the video froze for a second then continued.

I also find that the lenses try to auto focus or something which is recorded as well. It causing a forward bounce in the video. This seems to be happening in 2D and 3D.

The camera is the only app running and my storage space 67% free.

I realize that there’s a new camera update coming soon but I just thought I’d mention this. I’m not sure if other users have experienced the same thing.

I did a quick test and found video stuttering occurs at fast or slow pan. At medium speed does not occur, also I think it depends on scene illumination, maybe with better light conditions will improve.
The things you describe about focus happen (along with the stuttering) on the Hydrogen One, not on the Lume, but if you’re writing this on Leiacam section I assume you’re using the Lume

Thanks for the reply and feedback. Yes, that 's correct. I am using the Lume Pad. I guess I should have mentioned that.

As for lighting conditions, this was outdoors in bright sun in dappled light, as well as slight overcast so no low lighting conditions. The pan is just a medium speed as steady as possible. Subject matter was just my backyard with trees and gardens.

I’ve tried several times and changing speeds with mixed results but there still a slight stutter present. It is more evident in 3D but I see it in 2D as well.

The auto focus does happen during a pan although it’s not severe. It still is noticeable though. It would be nice to be able to switch this feature off.

It feels like a buffering issue to me. Something to do with the image processing speed and writing to the SSD? Don’t know. I’m hoping it’s not just my tablet. Maybe the update will solve some of these issues?

Ist it Stuttering or ist it a rolling shutter Effect? Because You get rolling shutter with every CMOS camera at fast pans.

It’s stuttering. It isn’t a fast pan.