3D video camera really is horrible

I really enjoy using my LumePad to view stereoscopic images I take with various other 3D cameras: FinePix W3, Lumix 3D1, etc. I have only done a little 3D video recording with my various camera. But test clips seem to playback fine on the LumePad.

A friend asked me to record some test video clips with the LumePad’s built-in 3D video camera, so he could see the quality of the SBS video on another device. I took it out a couple of days ago to capture some test video and I discovered the video stuttering was so frequent that I decided not to send it to him. I installed the app update and system update, hoping that would help. This evening I captured some clips of car and pedestrian traffic on a local street. The stuttering video was just as bad. I also noticed that the camera kept starting to change focus as cars went by, which is not entirely unexpected, but there is no way to override the autofocus. Same issue with exposure – the automatic control changes too often and there is no manual control.

My friend was interested in buying a LumePad, but I think the poor video camera quality will be a deal breaker.

Also, there is no image stabilization, so handheld video camera work can look really bad.

Has anyone had a better experience with the video camera? Is there a workaround or other remedy? Is it just a matter of getting a better app developed?


Also, the audio recorded with the video is not good either. It seems to have an overly aggressive noise filter or noise gate that cannot be disabled. And there is no way to manually set the recording levels.

I don’t expect the quality of audio or video to be great, but I do expect it to be good. This is not good.

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I am sorry to be so negative, but I am really disappointed and surprised that such basic capabilities are missing.

Hey @rico3D,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Your experience doesn’t sound like what we’d expect for a fully updated Lume Pad.

I’ll be reaching out to your over DM with some questions so we can help you get to the bottom of this.

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would love to know if any findings are made here. video is a little choppy for me too. i can post a sample

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I still don’t know if there is a problem with my LumePad, or with all LumePads, or just glitchy software.

Hi Rick. You should not be seeing these anomalies. I know my colleague Nima reached out privately to you to try to understand this issue better. Please let me know if you got that notification.

video on mine has shuddering frame rate, I mainly use the tablet to view and take some 3d pics. I assumed the tablet cant really handle the video and if possible a fw or software update would be needed.
not a deal breaker for me but it would be nice to have smooth video without any little hiccups.
i dont mind not having video stabilization thats seems to be asking a lot while doing all the other 3d tricks.

Same. I wonder if adding an option to record video with the 4V preview disabled would help. Maybe the device needs some extra resources that the real-time 4V preview may be consuming.

Thank you for your comments. Just to be clear, the shuddering you are seeing is in the preview, or in the recorded video?

I sent Nima some video clips and he passed them on, but I haven’t heard anything back in more than a week.

Final video, very mild but enough.

Thank you. I am checking with our internal team to see what we find. Thank you for your patience.

Hi Jakedowns. Thank you for your comments. One thing to note is that currently LeiaCam does not support 3D Preview, but it is a feature we will be adding to the camera in the future.

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lmao, doi, i was thinking of the RH1. good point

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Hi folks. Just a quick note to let you know we are still looking into this shudder issue, and we are working on finding performance improvements to deal with the problem. We appreciate your patience.