Video Recording Focus

Some feedback: 3D video recording on the Lume Pad, so far, is unusable. Nothing is in focus. Looking forward to updates.

Hey Eric,

We’re sorry you’re having that experience, that’s not what we aim for in the Lume Pad’s camera experience!

Could you please DM me with a sample from your camera so we can identify if this is something we can fix for you in a software update or if we’ll have to replace your Lume Pad? Thank you.

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My feeling is software because taking pictures seems good but I’m not a professional. I remember how much better the new product RH1 got after a few months of updates.

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How do I DM and provide a sample?

Hi @spencereric,

All you have to do is click on my name in this post and click “Message”, and then send me a message on the next screen.