Poor 3D Video with ZED 2 Mini ( 63mm Baseline ) Capture

We got excellent 3D video/photo view performance from Leia Front/Rear Camera. When we use ZED 2 mini ( designed for VR Headset ) we got poor 3D video on Leia Pad. The ZED 2 Mini has 64mm baseline which is average distance of human left/right eyes while we found Front/Rear Camera has much smaller baseline.

Is there any standard for camera choice for Leia Pad? Or what post-processing shall we do with most VR camera, since VR Camera has been already available long time on market.

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Can you explain what you mean by poor? I imagine the alignment is likely off. I have a QooCam and it has the same 64mm spacing, but can look really bad with close up shots (too much disparity). These shots look okay in the viewer (on the camera, sort of like a ViewMaster) but they are too separated on the tablet. You might have to process the video. I know for images you can do it in Stereo Photo Maker, which works. There is also a Stereo Movie Maker that might help, but I haven’t use that in a long time.

Poor means too much disparity on Leia Pad. We tried the same captured content on AR glass, it’s perfect stereo.

So the what’s the suggestion from Leia for live footage content?On-board camera only will restrict the content. Is there any post-processing software which can adjust the baseline and convergence of stereo video?

I heard Adobe AE can do that, but without much experience on it.

Well, much of the content that looks great on Lume Pad 2, like Hollywood movies, are either shot on dual-cinema cameras in a stereoscopic rig, or they’re converted to 3D after the fact.

I can’t give a specific recommendation without seeing the footage. Can you send us a sample to test?

Here are they, shooted by ZED 2 Mini



One thing to keep in mind is that you need the right camera for the right shoot and knowing what looks good for each output device. While I have not used the ZED, I think its important for creators to try different rigs for different shoots and know what works best. Scenes shot inside cars vs outdoors in nature for example. Or as @cybereality mentions, looking at post processing to optimize the content for the intended end point. Being on the bleeding edge of technology means experimentation and pioneering workflows as well. Will be fun to try out this rig sometime and find the best workflow. Keep us posted with your experiments @jiangpin!

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