Can WIne be installed on the Lume Pad?

I’ve DLd the latest version (6+) of WINE (for ARM processors) and started the install. Its been over an hour spinning on a “Setting up the Windows environment” screen.

Hey @RichF, my experience with Wine is that it’s used to get Windows apps running on MacOS and Linux.

A quick search shows that lots of people have issues using Wine for ARM on Android. Only very specific versions of Wine for ARM and Android, on certain devices, are compatible.

Have you considered using a cloud computer or a remote desktop? I use TeamViewer to use my Windows and Mac machines on my Lume Pad.

We have a windows app that runs on a laptop, typically in a vehicle. I am looking at says to let the user exit the vehicle and continue with possibly partial functionality. Generally with no network connectivity.

My plan with Wine is to explore feasibility. Laptop is heavy and tablets are lightweight AND I wanted to explore lightfield in that environment.

I can abandon WINE.

Is it your own app? Because it could be ported to Android and Lume Pad natively depending on the way it’s built.

If Wine generally works on other Android 10 devices, we can take a look and see what’s preventing smooth operation on Lume Pad, but as of now it seems that Wine for ARM just isn’t working with Android 10 very well at all. If there are other Win32 emulators for Android, you should try those as well and see if it can work.

If possible, you could also add a wireless access point in the vehicle, and having the Lume Pad connect to the laptop over a Remote Desktop connection while on-site.

We own the app, but it is a very large code base and I just wanted to determine proof of concept.

Theoretically, WINE “should” work. But SnapDragon is not necessarily the same as ARM. I did attempt to install WINE, but gave up after watching it sit doing noting during install. From my perspective, not worth going any further. I have a few other options to prove proof of concept and will explore them next week.

There are reasons that I cannot discuss why the wireless access point is not a great option. :frowning:

However, thank you for your attention to this question.

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