USB Driver for Lume Pad

I am trying to access the Lume Pad’s storage thru USB today. My Windows 10 won’t recognize the connection and File Transfer. (I have selected File Transfer mode on Lume) So I think that I maybe missing a USB driver on my Windows. Does anyone know where could I download 1? I check Lume support. I don’t seem able to find it.
Thanks in advance.

Which cable are you using? Does the USB options window pop up when you plug in the Lume Pad to the PC? Do you hear the USB connection sound on Windows when you plug it in?

And nothing new appears in Windows Explorer when you look at your file browser?

yes, the windows pop up and asked me what action do I want when the device is connected. The Lume also popped up a dialog and ask which mode I would like to use. (I selected file transfer)
I am use the original cable from the box. The windows explorer show LPD-10W, when I open it, it shows empty directory.

nevermind now. I restarted Lume. and It is working now… I forgot about restart… sorry.


I just got mine today and I think it wasn’t entirely compatible with the first USB port I plugged it into but when I used a different port it worked perfectly. One interesting point…In my case instead of putting the Lume Pad wit the other external drives it put it in alpha order under This PC. Still it was very easy to copy the 2x2 file I created…I just copied it into downloads and was able to view it in glorious 3d. I will say the 3d jumps out at you which is cool!

Thats great news, @wendysarrett!! Welcome to our 3d community! I’m Marlon, Community Manager at Leia and here to help or ideate creative ideas with you! Never hesitate to reach out! We are planning some fun activities for the summer and eager to have you join us :camera_flash:

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Thank you! I look forward to hearing more about your activities as plans unfold>

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