Tranfer files to Win 10 laptop?

When I attach the LumiPad to my Win 10 laptop, the tablet indicates a choice of “charge only”, “Transfer files”, and Transfer Photos". BUT…

NOTHING APPEARS IN THE WIN 10 LAPTOP file explorer if I select any option.

What do I have to do??’

I have tried THREE cables, including the one shipped with the tablet.


Hey @wkarberg, it should appear in Windows Explorer if you select either “Transfer Files” or “Transfer Photos”.

There are a few things I’d check (after you make sure everything is updated and you’ve restarted your devices of course):

  1. Ensure the cables you’re using can be used for data transfer for other devices
  2. Ensure the USB port on your computer is clean and supports USB 3.0 speeds
  3. Try a different computer and ensure that the same issues occurs there

Lume Pad should already be working in your situation so if the above troubleshooting steps don’t work, reach out to and we can replace your Lume Pad if there’s a defect.

Solved! I did not recognize the device listed as a lume pad in file explorer (duhh).