Combining the use of my Lytro Illum with the LumePad

Hello fellow 4V’ers and Lume Pad Users

So I was wondering if any of the apps in the LeiaLoft family can open .jps (Stereoscopic jpg)'s.
I have a Lytro Illum which has so many options to break down a Depth Image into its basic components, such as .JPS files, a collection of Lenticular images (over a dozen images/ frames in a folder, Stereoscopic, and also Depth Map/ 2D combination images.
Any thoughts.
Obviously… ultimately… I am looking to combine the use of my Lytro LightField Camera with the LumePad. Although the Lytro Illum is a dead and older system… the advantages of harnessing the control of the LightField Capture in real time is completely advantageous to me.
Let me know!
Thanks Tom

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Hi Thomas, would you be able to share one of the .jps files so we can take a look?

In reality JPS files are standard JPG. Some 3D devices use that trick to know that the JPG contains a SBS stereoscopic picture.
You can rename any SBS picture to JPS and it will be the same than a device that stores it directly in JPS.
So for Leia Player recognise the file you should change it to _2x1.JPG

BUT as the jps act the same than _2x1.JPG Leia Player should be programmed to already recognise it the same as _2x1 file. Only that. (Please, Leia, do it)

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I don’t think i have the ability to upload the file.

Thanks a bunch. I’ll try this out soon and let you know

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