Combining the use of my Lytro Illum with the LumePad

Hello fellow 4V’ers and Lume Pad Users

So I was wondering if any of the apps in the LeiaLoft family can open .jps (Stereoscopic jpg)'s.
I have a Lytro Illum which has so many options to break down a Depth Image into its basic components, such as .JPS files, a collection of Lenticular images (over a dozen images/ frames in a folder, Stereoscopic, and also Depth Map/ 2D combination images.
Any thoughts.
Obviously… ultimately… I am looking to combine the use of my Lytro LightField Camera with the LumePad. Although the Lytro Illum is a dead and older system… the advantages of harnessing the control of the LightField Capture in real time is completely advantageous to me.
Let me know!
Thanks Tom


Hi Thomas, would you be able to share one of the .jps files so we can take a look?

In reality JPS files are standard JPG. Some 3D devices use that trick to know that the JPG contains a SBS stereoscopic picture.
You can rename any SBS picture to JPS and it will be the same than a device that stores it directly in JPS.
So for Leia Player recognise the file you should change it to _2x1.JPG

BUT as the jps act the same than _2x1.JPG Leia Player should be programmed to already recognise it the same as _2x1 file. Only that. (Please, Leia, do it)


I don’t think i have the ability to upload the file.

Thanks a bunch. I’ll try this out soon and let you know

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hi, the suggestion to play lytro illum picture is so great… i m looking for this option as well… there is jps export as one option but Illum Lytro can give you lightview RAW format as well… this means 4 x 4 light fields of Lumepad 16 pictures could be automaticaly fulfilled and watch any lytro picture in full color full resolution. Raw format with 50 to 100 MB pictures…

2x1.jpg is same as .jps or .mpo all file types are sbs jpegs. So it could be an optoon or challange for Leia player to autorecognize and preview those pictures…

Well, MPO is not like SBS jpg, is more like two (or more) jpgs inside one file, and programs that aren’t aware of this only recognise the first file.
But JPS can be open by any program and it will appear as any SBS jpg

Thanks, I m still searching how to work with different files… so far I use one .jps picture and change name to 2x1.jpg so the lumepad recognize it. This shall be done automatically I believe. Than I try to edit the picture. I m missing L R change command. This shall be necessary tool to work with my pictures.

Solved with Lytro illum… Picture need to be exported as lenticular. Than opened with stereophotomaker and edit _looking glass_create lot image out from selected 4 images. Name the picc fire than with _2x2.jpg, works very well…

Anyhoww it will be nice to supply this automatically from raw illum picture…

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I don’t think that Leia Puts Any Resources into decoding Lytro RAW Files since it is not even close to The Computation needed for a 4View Image and there are Not many that use the Lytro Cameras These days. I also got an Illum Sitting on the Shelves and I don’t use ist very offen because of the Not so perfect DepthMap Algorythms, I Wish there was a Universal 3d Photo Program that would Take Care of such limitations.

Yeah, a straight forward path of converting Lytro picture to LeiaPlayer compatible jpeg would be nice.

I wonder what is the cross-section of Lytro camera owners and Leia devices owners.
I have both Lytro cameras and Red Hydrogen One and Lume Pad. :wink:

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You could Always export a Stereo Pair from the Lytro Desktop and mount them together using Stereophoto Maker. I also have an Illum, the Hydrogen one and the Lume Pad, I prefer the Resolution of the Hydrogen over the Illum though and the Editing Options are also mouch better, especially with the Leia Apps, I only wish there would be better Options for Windows based Editing Tools.

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Johan – this is great news! I’m expecting my Lume soon and would like to repeat your steps to see my Illum images on it. Can you please elaborate in more detail the steps you took?

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Sure, I’ll try to make a short Tutorial or Something like that If I got the Time to do so. Maybe on the upcoming weekend.

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Well, I have had some success playing with Stereo Photo Maker (and OMG can this program be any more confusing?).
I have successully converted pictures from Lytro (exported color and depth images first) to both Leia Player and my new Looking Glass display. Also, pix from RH1 to Looking Glass. Too bad that SPM somehow does not like my older RH1 pictures, it just fails to open them. Latest ones are fine, so I guess the format changed in some version of camera app?

@0xDEADBEEF Yes, older “4V” images have evolved over the years to become the Leia Image Format.

You can upgrade from the older formats to the new one in LeiaPlayer on a Lume Pad by editing them, or simply exporting them to SBS.

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Awesome, I will try that!