Lytro Player?

As a new happy user of the Lume Pad, I’m eager to view my Lytro Illum photo library on it. Furthermore, I’d like to keep shooting with Illum instead of the Lume Pad itself when I can – Illum has a zoom and is overall much more suitable for field usage.

Ideally there would be either a separate player for Lytro images or an existing Leia app would be able to show them. I’ve tried to export photos from the frozen-in-time Lytro Desktop and it takes quite an enormous time to export anything. It doesn’t look like a scalable pipeline…

What are the plans and options to do this now and in the future? Are Leia Tools applicable?

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Hi @braver, we did do some research a couple years ago, but unfortunately, Lytro photos came out in generally a very low resolution and didn’t look good on our displays because of that.

If you are able to export an SBS (2 in-line views in a 2x1 configuration) or Quad Lightfield (4 in-line views in a 2x2 configuration) it will work on Lume Pad, but in general I think you’ll find the quality isn’t worth the effort.

If Lytro came back from the dead with new cameras and cloud pipelines we’d probably strongly consider supporting it, but I think most users would rather we spend the resources adding features and supporting modern capture, edit, and delivery pipelines.

If you do end up exporting from your Lytro and like the results, I’d love to see it! There are a few people who’ve posted an image or two from the highest-end Lytro, but except for close-range macro photography, they didn’t turn out super great. Check out this good example of close range photography that worked out pretty good. You can, however, see the resolution drop-off VERY quickly behind the focus of the image and get super pixelated.


How Long does an export Take, what do You export and on which Machine aka Mac, or PC, Processor and GPU?