Phereo 3D google app or site support

hello, any info on Phereo 3D google app or site support?
at least a 3d toggle for sbs/tob while in full screen mode?
this working fine on my lg thrill back in the past.

Hey @acem77,

Phereo hasn’t built a Lume Pad app, so it can’t access the Lightfield display. The older app works with older lenticular and parallax barrier screens only. Please reach out to the Phereo devs and let them know you’d like them to build a Lume Pad version of the app.

If you’re able to download the SBS images, they will work perfectly in LeiaPlayer.

any plans to enable 3d when in full screen sbs?
this would help with a lot of non lume app software as most provide sbs(youtube, phereo) as an option.

@acem77 We already support YouTube through LeiaTube :slight_smile:

We believe that if creators and content are to be experienced in Lightfield, they should integrate the SDK or be distributed through a Leia app.

I understand but id like to have some solution that help me enjoy more content with less dependence on app devs while also future proofing. SBS and other formats will be around forever. off cloud rendering will not. i prefer to not have a $700 paper weight when support ends.

4d renders add some artifacts, id like the choice and to see what works best for me.
I am not new to 3d, light field or photography and tech in general. i want the most for the investment and my time. Mainly a 3d photo frame for now, and the rest is icing on the cake.