Feature Request: global SBS mode

There is quite a lot of side by side content out there on the Internet: either games, videos, web apps, etc… that doesn’t necessarily speak well with lume pad 2.

It would nice to be able to engage 3d mode in the lume pad 2 whenever I want globally and treat whatever is on screen as side by side content: sort of like what we can do with moonlight 3d but globally and without requiring a separate computer.

The use case for me: the tomb raider games recently have come to Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming. Shadow of the tomb raider has a native SBS 3d mode.

Normally for game pass cloud streaming I just use the app without needing a separate computer (as it streams from Microsoft’s servers). I can use the app to play shadow of the tomb raider, enable SBS 3d, and not be able to view as 3d because it doesn’t know to engage sbs 3d mode in lume pad 2.

I’ve also had encountered SBS videos on the Internet that are in a format that is not something the lume tube app can understand. Adult content especially has this issue.

Anyways, it would be cool if there was a way to globally engage SBS 3d mode regardless of what’s on screen, or at the very least a way to patch the Game Pass app to allow for that.

You can do this with Moonlight3D, but you need to stream from your PC.

Duh. I mentioned that in my post. I want the ability to do that on device without requiring streaming from a PC.

So, in general, Google doesn’t allow those types of apps on Android, for security reasons. Otherwise hackers could record your screen while you login your bank, or whatever. Some apps are allowed this access (for accessibility reasons) but I’m not sure if would be fully featured or fast enough to video capture at full speed.

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Sure, if you do it at the app level. But Leia controls the custom android fork they created for this tablet. They can easily do this at an OS level.

But at the app level as of Android 10, developers can use the media projection API to securely capture what’s on screen and draw over other apps permission (which is an accessibility permission) to show something on top of the existing app. I’m not sure if drawing over other apps can do fully full screen (completely obscure an app) but I don’t think it’s a manner of Android just not allowing it outright. I think it’s just a manner of user permissions: the media projection API requires the user to specifically enable permissions to capture screen output.

I’m a software engineer but have never developed an android application (I mostly work on the server side of things, writing applications running in AWS, as well as frontend react stuff) It sounds simple in theory to me, but it could be far more complicated.

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I can look into it. Thanks.

Things like this make too much sense to be viable in clown world.

(not saying this is any individual or company’s fault)

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I sincerely hope we can get something like this. It would be truly brilliant.

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The Elephone P11 and the ProMa King Tablet does this

Which proma one? It looks like the master plus can’t do it just has 3dfan app

I have the ProMa tablet, Master Plus 2024. The screen itself is completely amazing, but the software barely works. The 2D-to-3D does absolutely nothing (it just moves the screen back like an inch or two, but there is no 3D depth at all) and I never saw a global SBS mode. The face-tracking is also non-functional.

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As I said, the King, not the Master

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Dang looks like there’s nowhere to buy it

For what you say, your device is defective, ask for a replacement

It’s available on Tridimensional.info store

Out of stock

Did you use the color selector before adding to cart? :sweat_smile: