Flickering at extreme depths

I am seeing a flickering in one eye at extreme depths, close and far. Is this an expected result? I understand ghosting, but this is ghost plus flickering. I have tried all sorts of convergence, scale, FOV and base settings. latest SDK, Unity 2021.3.13f1

I just saw the autofocus example, I will try those scripts!

That did it, or at least its almost gone. I used the target Focus, works great for a static scene, the camera rig from the autofocus demo is very handy.

I’ve seen that too, I think it’s just a limitation of the way the screen works. You really cannot push the depth all too far without getting ghosting (and it can appear like flickering due to the eye tracking). That said, you can get good 3D without having the images far apart. I haven’t tried it in Unity but in general you have to setup the camera parameters so the zero depth point is closer to the screen (for example, in a 3rd person game, the 2 images of the player character should be exactly overlapping).

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Using the autofocus camera fixed it, yes it was the eye tracking as well. Now it does its thing and the ghosting is standard, no flicker! You know, that’s a good idea, to actually look at the interlaced image in 2D for focus.

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