Help with a wierd issue

So, I’m a Linux user, and I’ve been having an issue with converting videos.
I’m running the app on Wine, and every time I try to convert a video, I get these strange black bars.

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This looks to be some sort of GPU or at the very least a rendering error. What are your system specs, what distro? I’ll see if I get a similar issue on my Manjaro Arm distro.

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Thanks for your help.

For some extra background, I thought it was Resolution.
I had originally downloaded 1080p, then I thought, what if it has to be 720p.
So, I tried that, and that didn’t work.
My goal was to convert several movies into this format to watch them with depth.
I also want to experiment with certain forms of geometric construction, to make very accurate depth maps.
But I’m saving that for another time.
I did want to see what the Studio software could do on it’s own.

I also learned I could get depth maps from Da Vinci Resolve, I think it also uses the Pix2Pix method.

Plasma version is 5.24.0
Kernel Version 5.13.0-28 (Generic
AMD Radeon RX 460 Graphics Card
AMD Ryzen 2400G with Vega Graphics
X11 Graphics Platform

MoBo is TUF GAMING B550M-Plus, Asus Brand.

Hmm. I can’t get it to load on Wine in manjaro; what did you do to get it in a usable state? Also are the lines there before or after export?

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As soon as it starts making depth maps, it starts placing the lines in there.
As for how I got it in a useable state, I installed wine, and then installed the app, and it was executable.

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I see. And if you render and export the video, are the black lines also in the exported file?

I never let it get to video.
I was curious if it was in the process or not, but sine it was encoded in the folder for the depth map images, I figured that the lines would show up in the video.
The editor also seemed to crop the image severely.

I watch it start making the depth maps, but I usually just end the program before it renders out the abomination I’m expecting it to.

Render the video and let me know what happens if you can.

Artifacts were still in the video.

The Audio was out of sync too, but I didn’t know if that was caused by a 30fps frame rate instead of 24 fps.
That being said, I just ran it this time.
Every other time, I put the 24fps frame rate in there, the artifacts were still present.

There are more jagged artifacts that didn’t result in the black bars, but still warped, the video in very weird ways.
Every video I input does this.

I will say, it would make one hell of an Album Cover.

This seems like an error with rendering the video. Maybe it’s being caused by some issues running wine?

I don’t know, I’m not a coder.
I talked with UgoCapeto about it, and he told me all this was is MiDas generating the depth maps.
I don’t have a graphics card to run Midas, so if I can get this to work on Wine it would be great, but I don’t know why wine would be causing this.

I mean I figured it was a rendering issue when I asked.
I was hoping I could find a specific reason Wine would be acting this way.

Of course, I also figured since Lightfield/lumepad ran on Android all of their apps for the tablet would be linux friendly.