Holopix 1.15.34 Beta

We got another slew of bug fixes and improvements for you! We’re almost ready to go live with the new Holopix!

  • Holopix 1.15.34 Beta: Additional bug fixes with increased stability. Users who are having issues please clear the app’s data and relaunch the application.

Hi Nima
When i make a movie in stereo for more than some seconds. (2 Minutes).
This movie is not saved. I stop to record after 2 min recording and switch to foto, but in does no matter.
There is no movie recorded at the end. There is no free space problem! There is no error-Message.
Thanks and greatings
Manfred Christen

Hi @manfred.christen,

Holopix doesn’t support capturing video in-app. You may want to reach out to RED Hydrogen customer support if you’re having issues capturing video in the main camera app.